An Open Source Internet currency

A founding member of UNOCS, Feathercoin is based on Litecoin, which is safeguarded from the effects of Bitcoin ASIC mining. It has a block reward of 200 coins and will have a total of 336 million coins. This makes it four times that of LiteCoin. It joins the crypto currency family by positioning itself with Litecoin in the same way that Litecoin is aligned with Bitcoin. It does not compete with Bitcoin or Litecoin, it complements them.

The Oxford Blue

The First Pub in the UK to Accept Feathercoin

Make yourself at home in our stylish pub offering exciting food and a great selection of beers and wines.  Mark Bradbury has created an eclectic menu of authentic dishes using the very best of local and seasonal ingredients.  Chris Murray has matched some really interesting beers and wines to go with the food to make it easier for you to choose.

We also serve a traditional Roast Lunch on Sundays specializing in rare breed free range meats and Organic Vegetables.  Vegetarian’s don’t despair! we have plenty for you to choose from on our menu as well.  Be sure not to miss out on “Jazz night at the Oxford Blue” every third Wednesday courtesy of Nick Gill from Oxford Classic Jazz.

Our opening times are Monday to Wednesday from 4pm to 11pm, Thursday and Friday from 4 pm to 12 midnight, Saturday from 12 noon to 12 midnight and Sunday from 12 noon to 11pm. The kitchen is open 4-10pm Monday-Friday, 12-4pm/6-10pm on Saturday and 1-4pm/6-10pm.

Please contact us for further details, reservations, or if you have any questions. Come on over and see how we’ve changed the Oxford Blue-we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!


UNOCS is a collaboration between three established currencies in order to provide improved consumer and merchant services.  A joint platform to push back technological boundaries and create cutting edge tools that will define the next stage of crypto-currency adoption.

In the coming weeks strategic solutions, services and applications will be rolled out to facilitate acceptance and wide-scale use of crypto-coin services across all markets. UNOCS intend to create industry standards by working together and pooling our resources to be innovative leaders in this field.

A UNOCS website can be visited at www.unocs.com where you will find a countdown timer in preparation of our first services launch. We would love to say more, this is exciting for us and want to release the information with a big bang to the community in general.

The website countdown timer will hit zero on the 22nd of July at 00:01am Eastern Standard Time. The timer and service release will be of specific interest to merchants.